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Traveling is an escape from our everyday lives. Our guests come to Sedona to discover a new part of themselves and feed their adventurous sides. What type of adventure they seek differs from guest to guest, but they come to us to experience something they couldn’t anywhere else in the world. You have the opportunity to make every moment on or

off property, and the moments in-between those moments, an authentic Sedona experience that sticks with them for years to come.

This website will guide your actions as you become an important part of helping guests endeavor beyond their expected Sedona experience.


We believe that incredible things
can be found when you look in
unexpected places.


Beyond the typical. And off the trail. that’s where you find the greatest treasures. Set among the red rocks of magical Sedona, we are perfectly placed in the middle of a charming town and an ancient landscape. We are the hotel for the adventurer, providing support and a shared passion to push our limits and open ourselves to our environment.

Bell Rock is not just a part of our name, it’s our spirit. There are many hotels in Sedona where guests can find luxury or romance. While we have elements of both, we draw inspiration from our name and location to be the hotel that owns adventure.


With a balance of guidance and discovery, we encourage our guests to Endeavor Beyond the expected through surprising and authentic experiences.

Explore Sedona and Bell Rock
  • Be Inspired By Our Guests
    There are those who want to discover their spirit on the trail and find their strength in the rocks.
  • They are the loyal adventurers.
    While some travel here for the great outdoors, others are drawn to spiritual or artistic endeavors. Each of our guests has a unique sense of adventure which we can enhance through authentic moments.
    Young At Heart
    Seeking Uncommon Experiences
    Insatiable Energy
  • You guide them to a richer experience.

    Each of our guests arrives with expections around their Sedona experience. And it’s a story they will share if we make the time to listen. In the most spontaneous of moments we can create the most lasting memories.

    Start by being: Observant & Authentic


Food & Beverage
Front Desk
Fuel Adventure

Make yourself available at the Granola Bar, preparing guests for their day.

Find New Paths

Stay on top of trends to keep our menu relevant and interesting for guests. For example, suggest a twist on the Moscow Mule by substituting tequila and sweetening it with prickly pear.

Leave A Mark

Turn a dinner at our restaurant into a memorable part of their trip. Interact with guests, ask about their day, make menu suggestions based off their personalities, and let the meal become an adventurous event.

Guest Experiences

A guest's experience with our brand should begin before they arrive and continue long after they depart. Continue scrolling to find guest experiences within key phases of a trip. These examples should be guides, but also inspire you to create your own memorable moments for guests.

  • Arriving in Sedona for our guests is a transformation. They have left their homes and stepped into a new place, ready for adventure and discovery. This is our chance to start our relationship with them begin fueling adventure.

    Music &
    Prickly Pear
  • Topo Map
    Trail Cards
    Nametags & Uniforms
  • Pathfinders Program
Music and Lighting
We’ve carefully considered the type of music and lighting in the lobby. The music has been is inspired by the area so when guests walk in, the sounds they hear make them feel connected to Sedona. It is a style called Dream Pop, an atmospheric alternative rock that meditates as well as energizes. Lighting is soft in the day and star-like and vibrant at night.
Prickly Pear Tea
When people visit Sedona, they are looking to explore their surroundings and embrace the spirit of the area. We can quite literally give them a taste of the local flavor with these cactus Pear teas. They'll try something new and get into the Sedona mindset.
Activating the touchpoint
Mix the Teas and place them at the entrance near the lobby and in common areas throughout the hotel. Change the flavors throughout the day or have one flavor for each day, but be sure to mix it up so guests staying over multi days can experience multiple flavors.

How would you break from ritual?

Let guests know that the tea changes daily.
Don't forget to try the tea yourself
Try placing tea in new locations
Other things to know
What exactly is a prickly pear? It's the fruit portion of the cactus that is indigenous to the southwestern United States. It begins red and then turns green. It is most flavorful in between the red and green phases and it's fruit offers a sweet sugary taste that is the flavor for these teas. Other uses for prickly pears include additional drinks like margaritas, but it is also used on Southwood in cooking and can even be turned into fries. Tea can be purchased from
Topo Map
What better way to show off that the Hilton Sedona is in the middle of adventure and beyond the expected than to have a Topographic Map showing the area? This beautiful statement piece is not only interesting to look at, it is a functional way-finding device for guests to explore things that they didn't even know existed. Organized by adventure, spiritual, and arts, guests can get a sense for their many activity choices and are empowered to endeavor beyond. The table is a staple of our lobby, but reinforces the wonderful surroundings that bring people to Sedona and define our hotel.
Activating the touchpoint
Our Topo Map is a to-scale model of the local landscape and is built to be adaptable overtime as new options and activities come to our area. Upon arrival, this map can be a great tool for beginning to engage and establish relationships with guests. Once they've been quickly checked in, you or one of the other staff can guide guests to the topo map while their bags are being taken to their rooms. Use this opportunity to create a personalized moment by finding out what the guests’ interests are. Then, cater a discussion specific to what they're looking to discover in Sedona. Show them points on the map that may be of interest to them, share some of your favorites places to go, and encourage them to try something that they might not have expected. You can extend the experience by using the provided trail maps or letting them know they can download the Hilton Sedona app so they can interact with the Topo Map and get directions as they are out exploring.
Other things to know
The Topo Map was built from local-sourced, renewable wood.
Trail Cards
The best way to find out which trail to hike in Sedona is to ask a local. This is your chance to offer your experience and knowledge to guests so they can take their vacation beyond what they expected. The Trail Cards were created as great talking points when helping to guide a guest’s next adventure. We’ve picked some of the best trails in the area and featured where to take the best picture, sit down and enjoy the view, or get a bit more exercise.
Activating the touchpoint
The Trail Cards are located by the Topo Map and are a great touchpoint throughout any guest’s stay. During check-in, take the time learn something about the person you’ve just met. If you discover they are interested in taking a morning hike, pull an Trail Card and share with them your favorite places to go. Be observant when you are in common areas. You may see guests looking at the Trail Cards themselves or planning their day in the lobby. This could be an opportunity to personalize their experience with some of your knowledge about Sedona that will enhance their experience. When sharing Trail Cards, always remember to remind the guests about the Hilton Sedona app. You can show them the app on your own device as well so they can see how it can be a great tool during their trip. The Trail Cards and app should be a great resource for yourself as well. Use them to go on your own adventures and then use those experiences to find ways to connect with or inspire guests.
Other things to know
We are surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land and are neighbors to two state parks. With over 100 hiking trails, Sedona is considered the Day Hike Capital of America with hikes ranging in difficulty from a mild to a more intense experience. No matter what our guests are looking for, there is sure to be a outdoor adventure to meet them with incredible views.
Nametag & Uniforms
To create an authentic Sedona experience for our guests we must be authentic ourselves. We dress to match our surroundings, maintaining professionalism but embracing the local, adventuresome style.
Activating the touchpoint
Our uniform consists of nice, black slacks and denim button down shirts. It is important to us that we let our employees personalities shine. While Hilton name tags typically show your home town, our name tags will include an activity you like in Sedona. It can be anything from cycling to art shows. This can be the perfect conversation starter as you interact with guests during check-in or in the lobby. Find out if you share the same interests and take the opportunity to have a genuine conversation about something you love in Sedona. Your interests and personality shape our hotel and can have a lasting impact on the type of memories guests come away with.
Pathfinders Program
For our guests with questions about what to do and where to go in Sedona, we want to offer them more than a typical concierge service. In keeping with our adventurous spirit, we’ve created the position of Pathfinders. This position is a go-to resource for information on trails, the arts, restaurants, spiritual discovery, and more.
Activating the touchpoint
We encourage staff in this position to embrace their individual interests and find ways to share this with guests. For example, if a Pathfinder is interested in astronomy, they might find spending time at night in the Telescope Garden to be rewarding for themselves and those visiting from states where stargazing is more challenging. Even if this is not your roll at our hotel, consider Pathfinders a partner to share your ideas and knowledge with. Your insight could inspire a Pathfinder and lead to a richer experience for our guests.
Food & Beverage
  • We travel to immerse ourselves in a completely new culture. As we explore, we want to activate all our senses, especially our tastebuds. Through food our guests interact with this destination in an authentic way.

    Regionally Inspired Menu
Regionally Inspired Menu
One of the best ways to introduce guests to our Southwest culture is through regionally inspired food. Our restaurant offers a wide selection of meals to accommodate any guest’s personal tastes. They will find several selections that they can trust to find at an Hilton across the globe. However, to give our guest’s the opportunity to explore Sedona through flavor, we’ve added a special menu to our offerings. Changing with the season, you will find everything from tacos to dishes accented with prickly pear.
Activating the touchpoint
Guests often ask our opinion on where to eat in Sedona. Take this opportunity to tell them about the locally inspired food at our restaurant. Give an authentic recommendation of your favorite dish. We’ve crafted the menu to inspire guests to try new things and we are certain their meal will leave a mark on their experience.
Other things to know
The goat cheese on our Regionally Inspired Menu was churned here, in Arizona. Many of the items on this menu have been inspired by locally sourced ingredients. Check in frequently with the restaurant to see what’s new and learn fun facts about the dishes you can share with our guests.
  • The guests’ room offer personal space but are not secluded from the destination and are still reflective of our surroundings.

    Food & Beverage
Pre-Selected Food & Beverage
The highest form of hospitality is taking the time to create a personalized experience for guests. Each adventurer, couple, family or business person who stays with us at Hilton Sedona has different needs and expectations for their trip. Therefore, we offer a pre- selected food and beverage menu. When guests book with us we guide them online to a menu with snacks and beverages they may be interested in having in their room during their stay. When they arrive, their mini-fridge and pantry are stocked with their selected items, and we are careful to replenish these items during room cleaning. The items on the pre-selected menu are representative of Sedona and are catered to refuel our guests after they’ve spent the day endeavoring beyond the hotel.
Activating the touchpoint
If a future guest books their room over the phone, be sure to ask them if they would like to pre-select any times for their room. For guests booking online, we will send a confirmation email that directs them to the program on our website where they can select menu items. Be observant. If your roll takes you into a guest room, take note of the pre-selected food and beverage items that might be running low and replenish them.
Common Spaces
  • We are creating a community of adventurers in our hotel. Common spaces give guests the opportunity to interact with one another and us the chance to share our knowledge of the area.

    Mornings -
    Granola Bar
    Evenings At
    The Lobby
Mornings - Granola Bar
Many of our guests tend to rise early so they can hit the trails and make the most out of each day. To help fuel their adventure we’ve created a morning Granola Bar. But the morning Granola Bar does more than offer breakfast, it is a chance for guests to come together and share their excitement for what the day will bring. As guests mingle in the lobby, they can connect with one another and craft their bowl of yogurt, seeds, grains, fruits, and granola.
Activating the touchpoint
Upon check-in remind guests that the Granola Bar breakfast is available starting at 6am. While they are gathering in the lobby, connect with guests by sharing a hike or bike ride you’ve gone on and some of your favorite views. As a resident, you know what exciting events are coming up, so inspire guests that might not know what they are doing that day. If you need inspiration, the Curated Daily Menu is a great place to catch up with the day’s events. While sharing your story, guests interested in the trails might ask questions. Share with them the Trail Cards and Topo Map. Because, we know our guests are on the go and will likely spend the entire day exploring, we also offer to-go bags for their granola.
Evenings at the Lobby
After a day exploring all Sedona has to offer, we want to provide guests with a comfortable space where they can share their day’s adventures and socialize. The lobby is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail before bed.
Activating the touchpoint
Take the time to engage with guests and discover how their day was. If you’re serving drinks, ask a group what they saw and where they are headed tomorrow. This is another chance for your to share some interesting activities or encourage them to share their pictures with #Sedona.
  • We’re creating full travel experiences for our guests, supporting adventures both in and out of the hotel. These are areas where we can enhance their experience beyond the property.

  • Discover
    Day Menu
Fitbit Partnership
Our guests have an insatiable energy for adventure and actively track their fitness and health. Through a partnership with Fitbit was can support their adventures in a very direct way. The FitBit partnership also helps build our community as guests track their activity together and share this unique experience.
Activating the touchpoint
Guests can rent a Fitbit device from our front desk upon arrival. During their stay they can track their activity online through our Fitbit portal. This will give them a trackable visual of their activities and movement.
Other things to know
Fitbit tracks more than steps. The sensitive technology tracks activity, exercise, and sleep. Plus, the app can help track weight and food logs.
Telescope Garden
Many of our guests are from larger cities where they can’t star gaze like they can in Sedona. Knowing this, we looked at our values and saw an opportunity in the Telescope Garden. On the lawn, we created a comfortable area for guests to sit and share in looking up at the sky. Star maps are available to point out constellations. This unique experience is one we believe will truly leave a mark that any star gazer isn’t likely to forget.
Activating the touchpoint
Star gazing is a captivating experience, especially for couples and families. As guests are coming back from a day in Sedona or are in the lobby at night, guide them to the Telescope Garden. Staying aware of when there are meteor showers or unusual star activity so you can tell guests in the lobby to adventure out to the garden. If you are particularly interested in astrology, take time to share your knowledge with guests.
Other things to know
Even at the Palatki Heritage Site you can see pictographs of the stars early settlers were observing as they turned their heads towards the night sky. Sedona has kept the tradition alive by implementing lighting codes and becoming part of the International Dark-Sky Association. For more information visit
Discover Packs
Our first value is to Fuel Adventure which means we find ways to provide guests with the tools they need to endeavor beyond the hotel. With the Discovery Packs we quite literally deliver on this value. In the lobby, we offer backpacks for purchase that are filled with granola, apples, water bottles, a compass, yoga blanket, notebook and more. As the Sedona hotel that is an expert in adventure, we know everything our guests will need, while exploring the surrounding trails.
Activating the touchpoint
Prior to arrival, find opportunities to inform guests while they are booking that we have the Discovery Packs available. Some people may be interested in seeing the trails but want to save room in their suitcases. You might observe other guests looking at the Trail Cards in the lobby. Break away from what you are doing and take the time to connect with the guests. Find out the level of activity they want to participate in and make recommendations. You might learn while talking to them that they could really benefit from a Discovery Pack.
Other things to know
One of the items we’ve included in the Discovery Packs is a yoga blanket. While not all of our guests may practice yoga, we’ve found that when hiking in Sedona some views are so incredible we want to stop, sit, and take them in. The yoga blankets make this experience more comfortable and give guests the chance to take in the surroundings.
#Sedona Interface
If you search #Sedona on Instagram, you will find there is already a large number of people posting their adventures. The #Sedona feed in our lobby puts them on display to inspire guests. While other hotels may have TVs showing the local news, we are literally surrounding our guests with the adventures that await them, motivating them to get out there and seize the day. By encouraging guests to use #Sedona they make an impact on friends and family at home, which in turn can motivate more people to want to experience Sedona.
Activating the touchpoint
The easiest way to activate this touchpoint is to use #Sedona for all your own photos. The more you use it, the more you’ll be thinking about the Interface and reminding guests to use the hashtag themselves. When guests are checking in or are in the lobby, point out the live #Sedona feed so they can see all the adventures that are happening right then.
Other things to know
92% of people are influenced by their friends’ and family’s social posts. When we see photos of something really exciting, like a beautiful picture of the red rocks in Sedona, we want to experience those things ourselves. It can be a great way to get new ideas and try something we hadn’t even thought of. Plus, their posts will encourage their friends and family to book a stay.
Curated Day Menu
We want to find many ways to fuel adventure for our guests. Throughout the hotel we’ve placed inspirational information such as the Topo Map and Trail Cards. However, many exciting experiences in Sedona change with the season. No one knows better about local Sedona experiences than you. The Curated Day Menu is an opportunity to share your unique insights into your home with guests from around the world. This handwritten guide in the lobby will change every day based on your personalized recommendations. Your favorite things to do will directly influence a guest to endeavor beyond and create a beautiful story they will take home.
Activating the touchpoint
Are you interested in the arts and is there a festival this week? Did you just discover a new place to buy local olive oil? Did you find a new favorite trail to bike on? Share all these things on the Curated Day Menu. Your managers will organize who gets to fill out the menu each day, giving everyone an opportunity to contribute to fueling adventure.
  • Remind guests how many lasting moments have been made on their trip with something memorable.

    Bell Rock
Bell Rock Mini-Sculpture
Everyone loves a token to remember a wonderful trip. When we created our Topo Map from locally sourced wood, we had all the scrap wood turned into mini sculptures of the famous Bell Rock.
Activating the touchpoint
The Bell Rock Mini-Sculptures are the perfect parting gift. When you give one to a guest who is checking out, be sure to tell them how the sculpture was created from the same wood that crafted our Topo Map. Explain that the wood is local-sourced and it was carved in southern Arizona.
  • This is how we continue to have conversations with our loyal adventurers after their stay. We can inspire their next trip, or get them longing to return for a new experience.

    Out & About
    Sedona Newsletter
Out + About Sedona Newsletters
Our relationship with our guests doesn’t end when they leave our property. We continue to stay in contact with them through the Out + About Sedona Newsletter. Unlike many newsletters you may be familiar with, our goal isn’t to simply offer discounts or keep them up-to-date on new about our hotel. Out + About Sedona is an entertaining resource with interesting and shareable content. For example, we may share a new recipe for Prickly Pear Tea or a feature on a local artist. The Newsletters are a great way for you to keep track of what is happening in Sedona or contribute story ideas. There more you know about what is happening around town, the more recommendations you can make to guests.
Activating the touchpoint
Newsletters will be sent out regularly but not more than once a month. We will focus on one or two topics that are exciting and engaging for our past or future guests. Think about the type of articles you share on social media when you are looking for inspiration. Do you relate most to recipes, ‘Top 5’ lists, and or descriptive photo albums? Consider how you could create one of these about Sedona to contribute to the Newsletter.

Now, go explore new paths.

Now that you’ve seen how we can activate our values, let them guide your service mindset and continue to consider how you can bring these to life in your role. Your unique personality and interests can help create an exciting experience for guests. This guide is a living list of contributions from the Hilton Sedona team. Share your thoughts that will get guests to endeavor beyond the typical.

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